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How do I know if my website was made correctly?

First of all, your website should have the “https” and should say “secure” in the address bar where you type it in. This is a simple security measure that Google expects all websites to have today. Additionally, you can check the structual integrity of your website when it comes to speed, and SEO by using

What happens when I first sign up & pay for your services?

Within 24-48 hours of receiving payment, we will reach out to you with a series of tasks we must complete together. This includes collecting all necessary logins and passwords, answering any burning questions or ideas that you have, and getting ready to start your project.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Our clients can often end up seeing tangible results within the first 1-2 weeks of working together. We ask for a full 3-month period for you to witness large improvements when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. We offer a full-money-back guarantee that your website or foot traffic will increase within 3 months.

Who is my main point of contact?

Your main point of contact will be the individual that will initially reach out to you to begin your project. This will be the person you can email with ideas for improvement, and ask any questions related to your digital marketing strategy.

I get approached by website designers and social media advertisers all the time? Why should I think you’ll be different?

At Client Secure Media, we are dedicated to adhering to industry standards, as well as providing our best work and efforts on our clients’ behalf. We truly care about your business wellbeing and success. We aim to forge positive and meaningful relationships, and exceed expectations.

How often should I update my website, and be providing new content online?

Your website and overarching digital marketing strategy is your number one salesperson. Providing new content, deals, updates, blogs, information, education and entertainment is imperative in the digital age. We believe that having an integrated marketing strategy addresses this need, without exhaustive, daily efforts to grow your business.