Full List of Digital Marketing Services



Prices may vary, depending on the complexity of the project. It can be time consuming to acquire access to digital assets and logins.

Consolidating your system is a principle on which we operate, in order to ensure efficiency on all marketing projects moving forward.

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Website Audit / Maintenance

Starting at $500/month — Your web designer left you in the lurch. You have a half put-together website, and it needs touching up. Or, you’re simply looking to upgrade your current look. We have a team in place who can help with it, and get your “digital business card” on point.

Social Media: Optimization

Starting at $350/month — We optimize your profiles for SEO and marketing purposes, and overall content curation strategy for your brand, and can help consolidate your digital files and assets (i.e. logo and stock images for your posts).

Email Marketing

Starting at $300/month — we will set up or optimize your current email marketing strategy. This includes how you will acquire new subscribers, email automation, audience/market segmentation and templates for email blast campaigns.

High-Quality Blog Publishing

Starting at $300/month — We can ghost-write for your website’s blog, as well as create profiles on high-traffic platforms that will improve your organic SEO over time, as well as reaching new audiences that are in your target demographic.

Google Ads

Starting at $750/month — Hit your target audiences by choosing keywords that they would type in Google to look up their pain points that you are solving. Immediately have top search results for keywords that your prospective customers are searching today!

Logo & Graphic Design

Starting at $250/month — Whether you have ongoing graphic design needs, or you are looking to create a new design, we can ensure that you will be able to work with a talented design team that adheres to professional design standards.Insurance and risk management.

Social Media: Content Curation

Starting at $500/month — We will create 100% new and authentic content that represents your brand and its unique value, and provide you with a calendar for approval to auto-post and begin a strong organic social media strategy. The aim of this initiative is to increase traffic and leads to your website or other online content. Social Media can be a taxing aspect of marketing and operating your business. Let us take care of the posting, and get your brand in front of local or international audiences.

Social Media: Targeted Ads

Starting at $500/month — Highly targeted audiences, local or international. Our team designs mockups for your photo or video advertisements, as well as a detailed strategy for your end goal: foot traffic, website traffic, leads or sales.

Integrated Digital Campaigns

Starting at $500/month — We will consolidate your digital assets and help with design and content creation for a specific marketing campaign. This includes website landing page, social media posts and adverts, video production & more.